Your fashion sense speaks volumes about your personality. Therefore, staying in vogue and following the latest trends remains important for everyone. However, fashion does not only mean buying and wearing the right dresses for women. 

It also means complementing your summer look with the right accessories like shoes, jewellery, bags, etc.  When it comes to choosing the best summer dresses for women, you cannot miss out on the following outfits from ONLY. Complement them with casual shoes and light jewellery to look like a diva. 


Without jumpsuits, your summer wardrobe collection cannot be complete. But the fabric you pick might make a lot of difference. Summers can be quite hot and sultry during the daytime. 

Therefore, fabric materials like cotton and linen remain the best alternatives. Plus, choose light yet bright hues like pink, lemon yellow, pistachio green, and soft blue to make your jumpsuits look like ideal summer outfits. 

Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are far from obsolete in the fashion world. In fact, much like several other trends, midi dresses and skirts are back with a bang. Choose vibrant colours and contemporary designs while buying these skirts to make your summer collection of dresses for women complete and augmented. 


These are almost like jumpsuits, except that playsuits are shorter in length. These could be best described as a combination of shorts and a shirt. Summer times are also outdoor times when you can go shopping, picnic, and several other activities.  

To stay comfortable throughout the summer day, playsuits remain one of the best outfit choices. Make sure to buy a few floral printed, cotton playsuits to walk in fashion this summer. 

Shirt Dresses

Easy to wear and extremely comfortable, shirt dresses probably top the summer dress list of every fashion-forward woman. Wear it when you plan to go for brunch with friends or office, these look equally fitting as long as it is summer. 

Pick cotton or linen shirt dresses to walk in vogue and stay comfortable. You can wear a pair of casual shoes to elevate your summer look a few more notches. 

Bootcut Dresses

Everyone loves a pair of jeans when it comes to walking freely and staying comfortable. Be it camping, shopping, or hanging out with friends, jeans remain a fashion staple for all seasons. 

For summers, bootcut dresses can be a lot more comfortable than skin-fit pants. Bootcut dresses feature a loose fit tailoring, perfect for hot summer days. You can never feel suffocated or sweaty wearing these jeans. Pick the summer colours like soft blue, denim blue, etc., and avoid wearing black to stay comfy.

Boyfriend Jeans

Another variety of jeans that has recently turned the fashion winds remains boyfriend jeans. These are comfortable, not skin-hugging, and stylish-looking. 

To look fashionable, you can also pick the ragged boyfriend jeans and pair them with a white cotton shirt. This pair of jeans can be your perfect summer attire if you can complement it with the right accessories. 

ONLY comes up with fresh collections for every season. The assortment includes a myriad variety of dresses for women for summer. 

Plus, you will also find dresses for women tailored with comfortable and premium-quality fabrics like 100% cotton and linen in its collection. For deals and offers, check out the extensive collection of ONLY to choose from trendy, fashionable, and elegant summer dresses for women. 

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